• Q: Is there an age limit for children?
    A: Quite frankly, no. We do however say that our shows are aimed at families with children up to 10 years old, but we have had older kids enjoy it too!
  • Q: How loud is it?
    A: All shows are sound checked using a decibel reader at the start of the show. We try and keep noise below 85 decibels however some tracks seem louder. We do recommend bringing ear defenders along 
  • Q: Is it busy?
    A: For all sold out events, its bound to be busy. We do however work off the capacity of the venue and reduce this by  a minimum of 25% to allow that extra breathing room. 
Popkids FAQs
  • Q: Whats the difference between early bird, general release and final release tickets?
    A: The only difference is the price. The earlier you buy the cheaper it is. We do email blasts for all events for returning customers to help you book early to get the cheaper tickets. We only allocate a small amount of tickets for early birds so watch out for those emails. 
  • Q: Can I bring a buggy?

    A: Simply, yes! Each venue is different, some venues are upstairs some have a lift and some don’t, but we do have friendly staff on hand to assist. We do try and allocated a buggy park to securely park your buggy during the event. You can take your buggy into the event if you need to.

  • Q: What type of music will be played?
    A: The music is always themed to the event. If it’s Disney themed…expect lots of Disney. We will make sure you and your little ones know the majority of the music!
  • Q: Is there Seating?
    A: Every venue is different, some offer seating and some don’t however these events are intended to be a standing event. At venues where there is seating this can not be reserved.