About Us @ Popkids

Popkids is run by Alex and Vicki. It all started by us hosting children’s birthday parties. We were having a blast and were booked out most weekends as we offered a fully hosted party with games and dances. We had mastered keeping 20-30 children engaged and entertained for 2 hours. We had a crazy idea…who needs a birthday to have a party? This is where it all began.

Popkids was born in 2018 in small 30 capacity community centres. As parents ourselves we understood that there wasn’t much going on in our hometown to keep the kids entertained during half terms that was affordable when you have multiple children. We wanted to change that! We soon were selling out all the community centres in the city, so we expanded. We hired bigger venues and to our surprise they sold out too!

We had a bit of a break for Covid, but when we could, we came back with a bang. During summer 2021 we teamed up with a local hotel to offer outside family parties with different themes every day. We had mermaids, greatest showman, pirates and more. 100’s of families travelled to enjoy these days out and we were humbled with how well it went, and how many people came.

We now have 25+ cities and are continuing to expand including preforming at national festivals around the uk so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy our events we work so hard on.

About Popkids